Hi, I’m Ben Wyatt. I’m a writer and IT pro living in Indiana with my wife, two kids, and far too many animals.

I’ve worked in IT since 2005 and have worked in nearly every facet of business IT, including information security and regulatory compliance. I hold a BA in Journalism from Franklin College as well as an MS in Cybersecurity Risk Management from Indiana University.

Currently, I’m a cybersecurity manager for a small technology group in the healthcare industry. I’ve also been a database administrator, system analyst, Exchange Server and Sharepoint administrator, software developer, people manager, and even a mediocre undergraduate computer science lecturer.

My graduate degree combined coursework from Indiana University’s world-class Law, Business, and Informatics schools and helped me develop a broad view of cyber risk that I can apply to businesses large and small, in a variety of regulatory environments.

(Yes, I’ve heard all the Parks & Rec jokes you could possibly make, and yes, I do have a weird amount in common with the fictional Ben Wyatt.)